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Jet Pump Hydraulic Artificial Lift Solutions Specialist Team


Together with research and development test rig investment in the USA, please meet our specialist team for our Hydra-Cell Jet Pump Hydraulic Artificial Lift Solutions:

Taha Metwally

Taha Metwally

Taha is our Jet Pump Hydraulic Artificial Lift Solutions Specialist with over 12 years, hands-on technical and engineering experience working in oil fields across the world, including Saudi Arabia, Northern Iraq, Oman, Pakistan, Tunisia, Poland, Australia, Egypt and Albania.

“There are many criteria to consider to maximise the efficiency of the well. For the pump, you’ve got to consider things like fluid injection pressure and rate, pump intake and discharge pressures, the power of the pumps to achieve this, the cavitation zone and of course the desired oil or gas production rate.”

Taha worked on project in Oman which used jet pumps to increase production by 30% despite the well facing issues such as GLR, sand production, heavy oil, emulsion, scale and paraffin build up.

Mike Jaworski

Mike Jaworski

Mike has been a key member of the Wanner International technical team since 2013 supporting customers with hydraulic design advice on their pumping systems.With over 7 years' experience in an oil and gas exploration laboratory, he was involved with subsurface analysis to support customers optimise their production. With Mike's experience in the following areas, he has invaluable knowledge to help our customers.

  • Analysis and characterisation of acid gels for well acidification projects to make sure there is the right compatibility with the chalk formations
  • Characterisation and physical analysis of rock samples to understand the elastic behaviour of rock formations as input to the formation models to help predict sand production and any collapsing points during production draw down
  • Characterisation of Non Newtonian fluids including fracking fluids and polymers for enhanced oil and gas production
  • Analysis and quality control of proppants for hydraulic fracturing to ensure correct behaviour and minimise flowback


Global customer service and support in over 70 countries


For over 50 years, Wanner has been designing and manufacturing API 674/675, seal-less and packing-free pumps; a unique solution as a power fluid surface pump combined with Jet Pump technology for a controllable, efficient and reliable Hydraulic Artificial Lift Solution.

Wanner Hydra-Cell® pumps technical support is available locally through our network of partners – an expanding family of trained and trusted specialists since 1972.


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